Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Purpose for T-shirts

I have some favorite old t-shirts from college. I don't wear them all that much but I just can't get rid of them.

This is an old K-Life shirt, and a Gap shirt as the bias around the edges.

This was from our church back in Missouri. Each Summer's Kids Camp has a theme and this particular theme was Space. This was my Crew Member (volunteer) shirt. I used an old night shirt with giraffes as my bias for this one (that's the light blue fabric)

Superhero shirt handed down from a friend. I use a simple pattern. Recycled fleece from jackets I pick up at thrift stores. So far my favorite fleece is Land's End.

This one was a infant sleeper by Carter's. I love how soft their knit sleepers are. This one got some stain down the front so I couldn't pass it on... But it made a really cute diaper with no stains. I was able to use the snaps down the front of the sleeper as the snaps for the diaper.

If anyone wants my pattern leave a comment and I will do my first ever tutorial! Whoot whoot! I'm not really going to turn this into a sewing blog. NOT AT ALL. I promise. (I actually love sewing blogs and visit a few of them on a regular basis but I'm sticking with natural living for now) But I have had a lot of fun with these little recycled diapers. Using recycled Land's End fleece jackets, fun old shirts, and re-used snaps and Velcro. Its a fun way to give purpose to those shirts.

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