Sunday, September 19, 2010

C-Sections and Money

This is an article on NPR's  site. I'm going to let you read it. But it does bring up an interesting point. When medicine is for-profit, is the best interest for the patient, or for making money? When I come across stories like this it is always concerning as to where the heart of healing, caring and providing health services really is.

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Some Weeks Are Just Like That

Someone wants to cover your head with a blanket, even though you have tried to tell them its not a good idea.

You get your underwear in the sink

Your socks won't stay on. And you get your sister's hand me down PINK bumbo seat... even though you are a boy

You just can't stop applying lip gloss...and your mother finds it on the sheets...and gets mad

Nobody will cooperate for the picture

Posted by PicasaI have had a hard time making posts the past few weeks. We traveled to visit family. Marin started preschool, and I got sick. Little Owen is now a bit congested and cranky (which is rare). I started working again. I'm putting together two classes, both of which I have not really worked on as much as needed. But these are all things that make life, life. I have some posts I want to get up so more to follow.

Some Weeks Are Just Like That Part 2!

No matter how bad the week was, if it ends with a birthday party...redemption! One of Marin's best little buddies just turned FOUR!!! We went to his birthday and had a great time. I love this picture. Someone said, "Raise your hand if you want cake." Marin made sure to keep her hand up...and tongue out!
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