Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baby Gifts

I'm taking a media vacation for the next week. So I leave you with this post as I enter my Sabbath away from technology and spend some time with my kiddies, husband and give my eyes and mind a break. And read a real book with real paper pages.

So I have some friends having babies. And I have been working on these little gifts. My teething gnomes! Aren't they so cute together. I think they are friends already. I think I like the one with legs more than the one's in the newborn sleeper. But both are cute.

I'm not really into wrapping paper, actually I just never remember to buy any and then a birthday comes up and I need some. So for this little gift I just made my wrapping out of a nursing blanket. I think I found 4 of these at my thrift store in their package for a buck.

And the little gnome and booties fit right inside. Todd is hand delivering this one so now we don't have to worry about the packaging getting a torn up in his bag. Fabric wrapping just holds together in a mans backpack just fine.

I found these cute little newborn pants at the thrift store (also seemed to be brand new) and so I made little set to match. The shirt has three little hearts (my favorite is the one on the sleeve) and then the bib and teething gnome.

All of my fabrics are recycled (except for the white chenille), and all the clothing was up-cycled into something cuter than what it was before. I bought the wooden teething rings from a wonderful little shop on Etsy, they are hand made, and have all organic bee's wax finish on them.

Even with a few bumps and misplaced threads up-cycled handmade gifts can still be cute, easy, fun to make, and special.

What are you creating this Summer?


Becca said...

love, Love, LOVE!!! :) These are all adorable! :) I'm so glad you shared (and I have totally bookmarked that Etsy site)! :)

toddandholli said...

thanks, but you can't make yourself one because yours will be next. And I can send you my pattern if you want it.