Sunday, May 27, 2012

Owen, by Kevin Henkes

This is a book about a mouse named Owen. Owen has a yellow blanket that goes everywhere he goes. 

Owen loves his blanket so much. 

Taking it on walks was completely necessary.
And the busy-body next door, Mrs. Tweezers can just keep her opinion to herself. YOU CAN STAY A BABY FOREVER! Don't listen to that crazy mouse next door.

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Mom said...

Actually the busy body next door is wrong, I know someone (Holli) that still has her blankie! At college orientation the kids were asked to stand and introduce themselves and tell us one thing they brought with them to college, I'll never forget April stood and said she brought her blankie, Holli and I looked at each other and just smiled! Holli and April are still blankie friends today. I wonder if Aprils husband to be will get along with her blankie?