Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Peter Pan Hat

My friend Harmony over at Sew in Harmony was having a Peter Pan Neverland themed birthday for her three year old daughter. 
Every little Lost Boy, Tinkerbell or Pirate who came got one of these little Peter Pan hats! You can see the tutorial here should you need to make one for your little Lost Boy or Girl. (You can also check out the Wendy Dress too! It was awesome!)
All I have to say is that Owen loves his, and wears it all the time. I have found him a few times with his little Peter hat on in bed. The other day he was going down for his afternoon nap when I heard him rummaging around his room. Soon it was quiet and I found him asleep with his Peter hat and some of Marin's flip flops. Oh he is a little Lost Boy if I have ever seen one!

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