Friday, June 24, 2011

Natural Cleaning... The End

What cleaning products are you going to use? Seriously this is what my house looks like right now so after this post I'm going to put all this to practice... or take the kids swimming and ignore the mess.

This is my last post about using chemicals in your home. While there are a few product that I make myself I also have some favorite products that I use. So I wanted to pass those on. I have used quite a few that are out there so I have been able to compare the different products.

Tub: I like this Seventh Generation Tub and Tile cleaner. My grocery store carries this line and every once in a while its on sale. I also get their online newsletter once a month and in it are several coupons. I print out the cleaning product coupon and get it with the store sale.

Toilet: I switch between Green Works and Bar Keepers Friend (the liquid one, not powder)

Mirrors: I normally just use water and then wipe dry it with a clean towel. And that's usually good enough. But once in a while I also use Trader Joe's Cleanliness is Godliness all purpose cleaner. LOVE IT. When ever I am in Atlanta I always stock up on this wonderful product. I use it for everything. And its only $1.99! And lasts for a long time.

Wood Floors

I alternate between hot water (as hot as my hands can handle) and Target's Method Squirt + Mop wood floor cleaner
(I love the almond scent).

Hot water and a fluffy dry towel

Counter Tops
Bar Keepers Friend if I need some scrubbing power (like around the stove area, or for a spill or stain) or my Cleanliness is Godliness.

Sinks, Random Messes, Pee on the floor, Sticky unknown's, and other mysterious messes.
Mrs. Myer's all natural all purpose cleaner Lavender scent!
This product is about $8 for 32 ounces. Which sounds like a lot but its concentrated, and will last you about a year or more. Seriously I think I bought mine about 2 years ago. And I use it all the time for my kitchen floor, and bathroom sink (and all the other things above too).

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