Monday, June 20, 2011

Clean That Baby!

Kids get messy, how do you know what bath products you can trust?

Most kids love bath time, all the toys, all the splashing, all the bubbles. OH the joy of water. But not all bath products are really all that clean.

To continue on with natural cleaning month, today we are not going to throw our babies out with the bath water. What are you looking for when choosing a bath product that will be absorbed into your baby's soft skin?

According to the Washington, DC based group Environmental Working Group (EWG) after testing more than 14,000 personal care products they found one-third of the products we use on our skin contain at least one ingredient linked to cancer (such as carcinogens). So how do we know what is okay to use for our children, or ourselves? How do we know that things "recommended by a pediatrician" are safe?

Well the simple answer to this is, get to know your products. However as we all know that takes time and research. So while I have done a lot, there is so much more out there. But there are a few great places you can check to see if what you are using is safe.

Environmental Working Group has Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. You can enter any product into their search and see its rating.

FDA's Prohibited Ingredients and Related Safety Issues

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
this one has a fun video too.

A few tips you can follow:
1. Never use powders
2. Never use aerosols
3. Ask yourself do I really need this? When it come to babies, less really is more.
4. Don't believe the natural product label. Because under the cosmetics law there is not definition of "natural" thus it is left up to each company to determine what that means.
5. Look for products that are plant-based.
6. Go fragrance-free... but still read your ingredients because many companies will use even more chemicals to cover the smells.

Remember less is more and your family can always use less chemicals when cleaning up from those messy days.

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