Friday, June 3, 2011

Making Your Own Cleaners

Many people think that switching to natural cleaners is expensive. And they can be if you buy top brands from your local health market. But you probably have all the ingredients in your house already to make your own natural cleaners. You can make them out of things you already use. You can also find all sorts of recipes online for making your own cleaners for specific projects. Sometimes I treat myself to something special like a jug of Mrs. Myers (I like the all purpose cleaner) it makes my bathroom smell sooooo good. Oh wait that's not the point, you don't need expensive cleaners you can make your own.

I will post other recipes throughout this month and post other things about cleaners and other products we use in our homes. But for now I am short on time and will give you just a few to start with.

Kitchen Sink Cleaner:
2 ingredients
Baking Soda
Boiling Water

Directions: 1 fill tea pot with water and heat. 2. Sprinkle baking soda and scrub out sink. (you will find that the most stained sinks will return to white, or silver with a little baking soda--if your sink is particularly stained you can use Barkeepers Friend). 3. Rinse sink out with boiling water.

***so your baking soda will clean your sink, and the boiling water will disinfect it.

Toilet Cleaner:
1 Ingredient

I love borax, you can sprinkle a little of it in your toilet and scrub away. You can also use borax for all sorts of things, like washing your cloth diapers, pouring it on ant hills, you can remove rust if you mix it with lemon juice...

OK more to come and more exciting things in store.

Keep it simple and enjoy the beginning of Summer! We just went blueberry picking this morning for the first time of the season. We met some friends out at the farm and picked a whole two pounds... Owen ate two pounds of green berries and sand, and Marin ate another pound of actual blue berries so I threw an extra dollar in the can.

this was taken last year I'll post some this year pictures of Owen eating sand and Marin collecting berries


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