Monday, March 28, 2011

More Art

Marin's Sunday School class was reading the story of the Lame Man who's friends lowered him through a roof to get him to Jesus. So the teacher had the kids make these little paper "beds" with ropes on the corners to lower the man. Then the kids got to draw their own "lame man".

The above picture was drawn by our little friend L. OK you all know how much I love seeing what kids draw when you give them a crayon. This picture is so great, look at the smile, and the legs (they come right out of the head!). I think she also drew a ponytail or some sort of hair. Also this is not the "lame man" its a self portrait of L "running and running". (I think the man was on the back)

Not only can you get an idea of how kids see the world from their drawings but you also can see what is going on in their "culture" or peer relationships. This picture was done by my daughter. When I asked her about it she told me the following:
"When we color everyone in class starts to shout, Flesh Color!" (At home Marin used to color people all sorts of colors, pink, silver, green. One of other kids has informed her there is an actual crayon the color of human skin. So in the picture above only the "flesh color" is the "lame man" all the purple is some sort of a fabric carrying device... I was sort of confused on that)

"The gray eye is one he fell on."

"He is laying on his side."

"He's going to see Jesus to be healed, his friend's are taking him because he can't walk. And we all ran around the room." (So after the man gets healed by Jesus, the kids were instructed to get up and run around the room... like the lame man?)

I hope you get to spend some time talking with a kid about their art today.
Happy Monday!

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