Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm Still Here

OK I know it March and I still have Valentine's decoration up. I will change it all very soon don't you worry 'bout that! Along with being a month behind I added a trip out of town into the mix, so now I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY behind.

Recap, I just got to spend five days with two of my best-est friends. One from college (we were instant friends because unlike all the other cool cats entering the college world and bringing new cars, stereos and TV's we chose to downsize and bring one important item with us... our blankies) and the other one from all the way back to high school. We caught up on everything, and our babies got to play together (pictures soon to follow when I eventually find the camera).

So don't worry I have some fun stuff on its way. In the mean time, if you are a crafty type of a person and looking for something to make a special little boy in your life Dana over at MADE
is celebrating 30 days of THE BOY! She and all her guest's are posting some really fun ideas. Basically there are lots of sewing and crafting ideas out there for girls, frilly things are easy, but what about boys? So for 30 days Dana has a boy celebration and posts something every day about things to make for boys. Check it out its really great. I of course am totally in love with her little Owen, because I just have a soft heart for little boys named Owen.

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