Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flying Alone With Kids

(Marin really did love the stroller, she had just woke up and her ears hurt, but she does look at bit sad)

I just got back from a trip to the Midwest to visit some friends. The kids and I went early to play for a few extra days and then Todd met us there later. So I flew alone with the kids. A few things about flying alone with kids that I learned from my friend Kathryn who talked me through it.

1. Have a good stroller. I am a no-stroller type of a gal. I thought I was going to wear Owen on the front, put a back pack on my back and then hold Marin 's hand. Simple right. Not so. Kathryn told me it was nice to have a stroller and loaned me hers which I loved. Even though Marin does not look happy (her ears hurt) both kids liked it. And I actually did wear Owen most of the time and put the back pack in the front seat.
2. Bring lots of snacks, and diapers.
3. Bring extra clothes for the kids, and yourself.
4. Have something fun to do together (we read some and I had a new game to play together)

This was the miracle of the trip... both kids took naps on the second flight! Of course I did not bring a single thing for me to read or do because never in my wildest imagination did I think I was going to have time to my self.

Look at that pretty girl sleeping. She really did take seriously being my helper and was very cooperative through our trip. Thanks girl!

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