Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Fun!

My mom is visiting. So ya wanna know what I do with her? Give her the two cutest girls I know and a pool and she knows what to do. Swimming lessons! Doesn't Marin look so excited? hehe
Marin's little friend is just so dang cute. Look at her tongue, she's working so hard. She just had her third birthday, she looks three doesn't she. Nothing says Summer like two three year olds in pink swim suits having their first swim lesson.
You would think with all this swimming that Marin would be tired and going to bed early. The only one going to bed early is my poor worn out mother.

Posted by PicasaShe's a good Grandma.

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Sarah said...

She sure is a good grandma! Thank you so much again for bringing her over for lessons. Our girls are adorable :)