Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Real Story of Postpartum

Postpartum has had its toll on our house. I just love it when I feel like I spend a whole day cleaning only to turn around and find this (I'm not sure what is wrong with that child on the bed... maybe she's waiting for her real mother to come and get her, ya know pick her up from a day at the sitters)

And this (I'm not even sure there is a counter)

So Todd is actually on his way home about the time I am taking these pictures. Little does he know that I actually did scrub the toilet, organize a whole closet, sweep the floors and pull a few weeds in the garden. But those things don't clean up this mess, and seriously where are the children hiding... or are they lost?

Is it really 5pm and the bed has not been made? Let me just say, that bed was actually made once around noon, but then we had afternoon nap, and Marin played "mean lion" and tore the bed apart when I was... probably nursing (moo moo moo). At this point do I even bother to make it again?

The library just sent me an email and said I have some books overdue...

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