Monday, March 30, 2009

I HATE public bathrooms!!!

Marin is using the toilet with regularity now (no pun on the regularity part haha), and is past the point-of-no-return, to using diapers when we leave the house that is. Actually I have packed up all my cloth diapers, and we only use disposables at night and sometimes at nap, but not even every time at nap because she wakes up dry a lot of time. Anyways it can be kind of nerve wracking to leave the house with an inexperienced toilet user, who refuses to wear anything but her undies. To be honest she does better when we are out and about because I'm asking her a lot if she needs to go, and at home I forget, and she gets busy and forgets sometime too.

Along with taking a trip to the grocery store or where ever it is we are going we will most likely have to use a public restroom (unless we are able to make a trip to daddy's office and then we can use that bathroom, which always makes me happier).

Here's the deal for all of you out there with kids you want to potty train, don't do it if you have a public toilet phobia, or just don't leave the house until you child is like 5! I seriously don't know how people cope with this issue. Here is what using a public toilet looks like with a toddler: "mommy I have to potty", abandon your cart because "no carts allowed in restrooms", rush to restroom that probably has not been cleaned in a month (I have taken note of the Publix grocery stores that have the cleanest bathrooms in our town, it matters), find the stall with the least mess or poo in the toilet or one that is not stopped up by a wad of toilet paper/tampons/diaper/whatever it is that clogs toilets, threaten your child to not touch anything, which of course they have already touched the trashcan, floor, sink, and yes the toilet! I often put down a toilet paper cover on the seat and then set her on that because those thin paper seat covers are ALWAYS out, and if they aren't out they always fall into the toilet anyways (its a bad design). The whole time we are in the bathroom I'm about to pass out from anxiety and fear that she's going to touch more than she already has and put her fingers in her mouth, because that's what kids do with their fingers. We wash our hands like a doctor going in for surgery and leave whatever mess we have made behind us with no guilt because all that matters is that we are done. Have I mentioned that I hate using public bathrooms?

I know I'm not alone here, I have a friend who also has all girls and has taught each one how to pee while cradled in her arms and bottom hanging over the toilet. Its impressive to see actually, and I'm jealous that she can pull it off.

Either way I know there are some toilet seat covers you can buy and keep in your purse but that doesn't solve the other problems that I have with this issue. Anyways, if anyone out there has a good soulution or words of comfort feel free to comment, I'm always looking for suggestions. And sorry for such a depressing entry, its just what I was thinking about tonight, and wishing for a solution... maybe I'll get a portable potty that stays in my car and just run her out the the car each time she has to go.


Kate Loves Hats said...

Oh Holli! This is something I hadn't even thought about...another reason to be scared of potty training :) I guess we just have to comfort ourselves and remember that we survived public restrooms and hopefully our kids will too!

Jaime said...

I totally agree. And they always need to go once you get to the very, very back of the store...

Try the primo foldable toilet seat cover. Works great for us and has little handles for them to hold on too.

Lark said...

We have a rule that we always potty before leaving the house. That helps with things sometimes. It's not easier with boys either because they aren't tall enough to pee standing up on the big potties so he must sit also. He did it to day at church a few times, so that was our practice for peeing in public. That's another reason I waited until summery time because now we don't have weekly activities and we are mostly at home.

Good luck! The mall has family bathrooms but the auto toilets freak Amelia out so we have to use the one in JCPenny.