Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Frances England

Before we headed to the beach for our Christmas break Marin and I stopped in the library to pick up some books on CD. While we were there I started looking through the kids music and found this wonderful little gem. Frances England

Frances quickly became one of our favorite singers... and when I say "our" I'm including Todd. He is very picky about kids music, mostly because there is some terrible stuff out there (he was gagging on some of the other stuff I got, which I will not mention here, but lets just say--lots of kids singing songs with an electric piano does not qualify as "good" to him).

One of my favorite songs on the CD Fascinating Creatures was called Tricycle which actually has a

video on her website. Check it out here. Todd's favorite song was D-A-D-D-Y O which also has something fun on her website, an e-card that all of you can send off to your daddy-o's. The e-card also plays the entire song which is a bonus.

Fascinating Creatures was actually her first and was written as a fund raiser for her son's preschool. As you listen to this CD you can just tell that she loves watching her kids journey through life and exploring it with them.

Hmmm I'm listening to her right now and I just love her lovely soft beautiful voice. I just think you all will love how creative her songs are and calming and wonderful her voice is. OK go check her out I swear you will love her.

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waldenhouse said...

Wil has a birthday coming up. Sounds like a great gift for our little music lover. Thx.