Monday, March 23, 2009

Naturally Clean

I have added a new book to my list on the right. This book has been published by The Seventh Generation company, which makes biodegradable household products, from diapers to toilet cleaner to paper towels. (I mentioned them before here).

My husband picked this book up for me at a used book store, maybe its a hint that I should be cleaning more... naw he just knows I like this sort of thing... I think. Either way it was a good find. I have written about natural cleaning products before, but I wanted to make a few comments here about what I have been reading.

This book not only discusses great natural alternatives to chemical cleaning products, but also how the common cleaning chemicals in our homes are causing increases in asthma, hormone disruption, and cancers. Naturally Clean gives a basic, easy to understand and quick to read book on how we can eliminate harmful chemicals from our breathing spaces, yet ways to still disinfect those nasty toilets. This book helps you learn how to read labels and mix up your own natural shower cleaner.

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