Sunday, May 27, 2012

We Have Two Year Old!!!

While his birthday was over a week ago, I wanted to share some birthday pictures
I'm really two! Todd came home early from work so we could all go swimming before the big birthday celebration.
to keep with tradition we made an "O" pizza
Ice cream chocolate cake
with a "2" on top. Owen carried his "2" around for a few days and showed it to everyone we met.
dig in!

Can I please have more ice cream?
When you're two you need a lot of rest because you play so hard, and eat ice cream cake, and swim, and jump off the bottom stair, and watch for buses and dump trucks, dogs and bikes. You throw balls, and chase your sister, and like to swing higher on the big swing, and sing loud songs and growl like a lion. Whew its a lot of work to be two!

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