Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Reading

I love Summer camp, I went to Summer camps as a girl. Girl Scout Camp, Church Camp, Horseback Riding Camp, Kanakuk. In college I worked at two different North Eastern camps, Camp Walden (yes the one where Parent Trap was filmed ) and Camp MerriMac in North Carolina. I loved my Summers there. In fact I love Summer camp so much I used to want to live at a camp and be some sort of year round director. At the very least when Marin is ready for camp Todd is going to have a hard time keeping me home that week.  So with Summer around the corner I started doing a little planning. I want to do a few things each week that make the days feel a bit "campy". The above books are awesome!


The Daring Book for Girls: byMariam Peskowits and Andrea J. Buchanan. This is a great book for learning how to tie knots, row a canoe and tie die a shirt, and a ton of other things girls need to know. 
The Kids' Summer Handbook: by Jane Drake and Anne Love. 
This is a great book to take with you to the beach, camping and also to remember things like how to swing a bucket upside down and keep water from falling on your head!
Make These Toys: by Heather Swain. She and Todd actually grew up in the same town. Its a fun book for making different things from junk you have around the house. 
Let's Go Outside: by Jennifer Ward. This book is full of outdoor group games. The official rules to Kick-the-can, tag, and other play in the yard until the sun goes down games. 

Summer is just around the corner, I'm having a hard time taking Marin to school. I just want to be home making things, digging in the dirt and collecting bugs. 


Rachel said...

I know how you feel about camp! That's why I love Kids Club. Great idea to make home feel campy.You'll have to guest post about the best of the best activities you do at Thriving Home. :)

toddandholli said...

Yeah I'll keep that in mind! Off to plan some beach stuff from The Kids' Summer Handbook for tomorrow! Also I miss kids Club so much and stalk your videos every summer.