Friday, May 25, 2012

Come on Summer get here already!

I'm so ready for Summer to get here! I don't want to pack another lunch box, or wake up Owen from his nap to do preschool pick up... or that's what I think. I have been thinking a lot about "lasts" lately and I feel a bit split by it all. I don't want preschool to be over, I know I just said I do, but I want to return to preschool next year. I don't want preschool to end, its so fun and simple, no homework, its short, there are lots of snacks, crafts, and playing. Preschool, a good preschool, is not about school, its about learning how to work together in a community. It about learning how to make friends, and how to wait for your turn to be first in line, the door holder, snack set-er-up-er, or the star of the week, taking turns. Its learning how to be happy for others when they figure something out, how to tie their shoes, zip their jacket, whistle, blow a bubble, or do the monkey bars backwards (even though they are only four feet off the ground).

We are preparing for Kindergarten though, so be watching for upcoming posts, on how to prepare your child and yourself for Kindergarten. Notes from my teacher friends ready to help us out!

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