Monday, November 21, 2011

Rembmer When...

Remember a few posts back when I said I could never take enough pictures of my kids walking down boardwalks to the beach, and sleeping... I just uploaded these and needed to post them. I really can't get enough of these pictures.

Fig. 1--Owen trying to get a head start on Marin...

Every time I watch them run down the boardwalk to the sand and water, my heart just wells up so much it might burst.

Fig. 2--Marin catches up

Sweet babies, walking together, and look now you get a glimpse of the ocean out there. They can see it too, and they are starting to run.

Fig. 3--she waits for him (because his legs are still so short he just can't keep up)

Fig. 4--feet meet sand, all is well on this cold and blustery day on Amelia Island

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