Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Pooh Get-Well Book

Have your kiddies been getting the sneezles and wheezles these days? I came across this little treasure at our library book sale. It was written my A.A. Milne himself.

Milne decided to write a book for kids stuck in bed. He wrote it back when kids used to get measles and other such illnesses that left them in bed for days and days on end.

The first part of the book has poems and riddles. The middle portion has "healing" recipes, such as Honey and Lemon Juice for a Squeaky Voice, Issue-A-Reward Lemon-Honey Jellies, and Honeycomb Chewing Gum. The third section of the book includes games and other fun things you can do looking out the window. This includes how to spot insect eating birds and seed eating birds. The final section of the book has enlarged pictures of all the different Hundred-Acre characters for tracing.

I love this book. Its just about the sweetest little thing I have ever come across for those days when your five year old has a "squeaky" voice, or the wheezles and phtheezels. I can't even imagine why the library would stamp "discarded" on the front page, but I'm glad they did, because now our library has a lovely little addition for those yucky days. Thanks A.A. Milne for taking the time to understand what its like to be sick kid and write a book for just such an occasion.

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