Sunday, July 27, 2008


I recently came across this parent network that I wanted to share... which is what this site is about. is a site where parents can post their children's outgrown things which will be shared with other zwaggle-ers looking for new things. Its a way to keep toys, cloths, and just about everything else in circulation. Here's how it works: lets say you have a few cloths, toys or books your kids are done using, you post them on and earn "zwaggle points" and then get to spend those points on other posted things your kids might need or enjoy. All the details are at:

check it out. its a great idea to keep all those kids things from going into the landfill.

Another great group trying to do a similar thing is
I joined it when I lived in Missouri and came across a lot of interesting items... such a a white rat that someone's snake would not eat, or a child's Elvis suit. But there are other useful things too.

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