Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pregnancy and Accupuncture

I have been thinking a lot about acupuncture these days. I have a friend who started it to get healthy before getting pregnant, to get rid of stress and boost her fertility. I have another friend who is already pregnant and using it to minimize her morning sickness. I have two friends who have used it as a natural method to infertility (both got pregnant shortly after starting treatments). Everyone I know who has used it, likes it and says it works. I think it will be my next research project. I'll let you know what I find out. But for now let me tell you what I do know.

First: Fertility
I have known several women who have tried to get pregnant for anywhere from 1 to 3 years. Each of them tried methods such as, charting fertility cycles, medicines, and different medical procedures. After their attempts with doctors failed, they each turned to see what the alternative medicine could offer. Let me stop here to say that each of these women was never diagnosed with a specific infertility problem, they just were not getting pregnant. After starting acupuncture treatments both of my friends got pregnant within a few months. Is this a coincidence? I did a quick google search and found that there is a lot of information on this topic. I cannot wait to get going on my research!

Second: Morning Sickness
My friend who is pregnant has a lot of morning sickness. She is getting treatments for it through acupuncture and said that it is the only thing that actually helps her out. If she gets it regularly it keeps the vomiting at bay.

Alright if anyone knows anything about this topic let me know. I am curious as to what is going on with it.

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