Friday, July 25, 2008

Cloth Diapering Questions

I just had a friend email me a few questions about my cloth diaper entry so I wanted to post them so they might help anyone else. Her questions are in black and my answers are in red.

If I get the Bum Genius
1. is that all i have to get? just several of those? (yes, you do not need snappies, or pins or inserts those come with the diapers)
2. how many do you recommend getting? i have heard a newborn can go through 10 diapers a day! (I suggest about 16 but like you said infants go through a lot... hmmm you could always get started with 12-16 and if you need more get them later, or just have a few disposables on hand during that phase. Its the shortest phase of the cloth diaper wearing days)
3. how is it that they can fit a newborn and a one year old (one size fits all!?)!? (Yeah its kinda crazy, they start at 8 pounds and go to 32 I believe) (I had a 7 pound baby and had to use a few of the old fashion types in the beginning, meaning the type your mom probably used, a big prefold with the snappies and a cover that was for a small baby) I probably did not need to do that I could have just used disposables until she fit and saved my self a few leaks and some money.
4. do you have to buy accessories for these diapers? NO (not really, only the diaper sheets that make it possible to flush the poop. BG comes with a night insert, and that might be really nice to use when your babers is really tiny then the diaper will not be so bulky.) I'm going to send you a few pictures that might help too. OH and what ever system you decide to get for storing dirty diapers I guess you can call that an accessory. But you do not need anything for the diaper itself.
Gotta love cloth diapers!

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