Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finishing for Valentines Day

We glued all the little ladybugs onto craft sticks and then Marin wrote, "Love Marin" on all 18! And we gave them little black spots and eyes (not shown sorry)

We made a wildflower mix and I sewed them into little parchment packets. The in each little bag we put a garden stick (the ladybug), a gardening pot and a packet of flower seeds.

Marin folded down the top and put a sticker on...

And there ya have it 18 valentines day projects. I think if I did my math right the whole project cost me about $6.25. Not too bad for homemade valentines for the whole class. And for those of you trying to not add more candy to the holiday this is a cute and easy candy-free gift to give. If you want candy, well then just throw it in the sack.

Happy Valentines Week!

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