Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Snowy Day

We love this book! Its so wonderful, although I'm never sure if my Florida kids really get it. Anyways, there is a story on NPR about Ezra Jack Keats that I wanted to share HERE. The book turns 50 this year, Happy Birthday Snowy Day! This is a great story about an author who wrote a good book, in which the child just happened to be African-American. There was no agenda, just a little boys adventure on a snowy day.

I love this portion of the story:
"Keats received thousands of fan letters from children, featuring their own versions of his deceptively simple collage illustrations. Even children in places like decidedly un-snowy Florida could relate to Peter's adventures. But one of the most touching reports came from a teacher whose students had read The Snowy Day.

"There was a teacher [who] wrote in to Ezra, saying, 'The kids in my class, for the first time, are using brown crayons to draw themselves.' " Pope says. "These are African-American children. Before this, they drew themselves with pink crayons. But now, they can see themselves.""

Happy Birthday to a much celebrated book that did indeed allow every child's imagination to flourish! So head on over and listen or read the story and meet a wonderful author.

As a side note before we settled on Owen's name, I was really trying to name him after Ezra Jack Keats. Ezra Jack, its a name just waiting to turn into a rock star or wonderful children's author.

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