Saturday, September 24, 2011

Babies, Painting, and THE Other Blog

Sorry I have done such a poor job at writing these days. We have been remodeling our house and its amazing how much time that takes. And it seems with kids you have to get the job done or else you never go back to it. Today we painted our dining room a really beautiful green (pictures soon to come) and are painting a new wall that our builder finished this week. It's also stressful to not have your home the way that feels comfortable. Finally, you all knew this was coming, I am of course worried about the environmental aspect of the different things we need. Like if I want something I have to check places that might have used things first, or for paints, low VOC's.

But I have been writing, just not here, I know I'm a cheater. My other job is at our church and I have been doing some posts on their blog. And I wanted to share one with you all. I know I don't normally do religious stuff here, but I want to share it, so enjoy:

I love it when babies get baptized at our church. We have had both our babies baptized and it was a special event each time. Even though I was watching the Welcome Station today I just had to slip in the back and be a part of the baptisms. The third vow always gets me a bit choked up. Mostly because while I have made the vow myself, I have a hard time being willing to “unreservedly” give up of my child to anyone, including God. Even though I can read through the scriptures and understand this, and even though I trust God with my whole heart, I find that I must have a glitch in there somewhere when I am supposed to give my child “unreservedly” to someone other than myself. I am selfish, and want Marin and Owen to be just mine. But in my mind and heart I know that giving them to God is a better choice than keeping them to myself. I am then reminded of how God gave us his child, Jesus, “unreservedly”. That always makes it easier for me to say that vow and really mean it. I mean, God gave us His son so that we might have life, and of course I want my children to have that life too, so when I think about it like that, the choice is easy. And I am reminded to say, “Not only am I giving you my children, but also all of me too.”

After the third Parent Vow is the Community Vow, where we as a church, as Christ Community Church, vow together to be a part of supporting the baby’s parents in raising him or her. This is my favorite part of baby baptisms. That we as a community look at those parents holding their beautiful little baby, and make a commitment to walk alongside them, to support them, to love them and encourage them when times are tough and rejoice with them in accomplishments. I love it that we as a church make a commitment to love and support each other in caring for our children. A friend of mine sent me this prayer for baby baptisms and dedications and I wanted to share it with you, and we pray this for our two little babies who got baptized today, and for all our kids.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Together, we pray that
our children’s minds
will know Your wisdom.

Their eyes will see Your glory.
Their ears will hear Your words.
Their mouths will speak Your truth.
Their hearts will be Jesus’ home.
Their hands will do Your work.
That their knees would bow
only before You, the Lord Our God.
And that their feet would follow You
in the way of Jesus all the days
of their life.


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