Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Recycling Fabrics

Valentines is just around the corner. I wanted to make the kids something to wear for the holiday of love... and the color red. Which is the real reason I love the holiday. My little pixies look good in red, so I wanted to make something. I looked around the house and this is what I came up with.

Both of the white shirts came from the thrift store a while ago. I stock piled all the non-printed on shirts and onesies at the last "bag sale" at my favorite thrift store around the corner. At the time I thought I was going to do some experimenting with naturally died cloth... I haven't gotten there yet. But a decorated shirt with your name on it, what could be better?

Both names were painted on the red fabric (saved from the inside of an old jacket) with white fabric paint. Marin's shirt has felt hearts on the elbows, because she wanted some pink somewhere, and I wanted the front of their shirts to match.

I have not gotten Marin to wear hers at the same time as Owen, of course I just finished hers today. But still I'm sure it will be fun to see them together in their shirts. Happy planning for Valentines!

**** This was my inspiration for the names, I don't own that really cool machine though.
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Becca said...

LOVE love love!! I made Asa a simple onesie last year with an A cut out of red fabric and made the whole in the top of an A a heart. Sweet and simple. You are the best at making things with what you have! :)

dana said...

oh cute! I love your Owen! He's so adorable :)