Friday, January 7, 2011

Little Blue

Look what showed up at our house on Wednesday...

We had been wanting to get our little pixie one for a while. My husband had spotted them at a thrift store in our neighborhood and we finally adopted Little Blue for a whopping $4.99.

I love the simplicity of this machine, I can't imagine why its previous owner would give her away to the thrift store. What is this world coming to? Well in any case, Marin loves her and seeing each letter appear on the paper, and sometimes even forming words.

When I was a kid I remember my mom typing letters on a typewriter. I remember when she got a new one with the white erase tape connected to the ink cartridge, we didn't have to hit "backspace" and then manually use a little white piece of paper to white out the misspelling. We thought it was the coolest thing to have automatic whiteout. My brother and I would take turns having typing lessons from our mother and sending the finished letter off to a grandparent. I think I even got a patch in Girl Scouts for my typing lessons. My mom could type so fast, it was awesome. I remember playing Barbies under her desk while she was typing and listening to her zip away at the keys and thinking, she must be the fastest typing-mom in the whole world. I would crawl out from under the desk (it was a really huge desk, we were home schooled and so we would do our work at one end of the table and her typewriter was set at the other end) and sit and watch her fingers flying around on the keys (I wonder what she was typing) and seeing the little hammers fling up towards the ink strip and then the little letter appearing on the paper. Once I was reading I would try to guess what the word was as each letter was added to the paper. When I would try to "type" as fast as her sometimes all the letter hammers would fling up at once and get stuck in a tangle... I don't want Marin to miss out on all the magic an old typewriter can bring to a home, hehehe.

Maybe my next post will be typed out and scanned in, just for fun, and old times, and memories, and in honor of Little Blue and my mom.
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Becca said...

LOVE! I have the exact same (well, you know) memories of my mom at the typewriter. I love that you got one for that sweet girl!! :)

Stacy said...

i was still using a typewriter in high school. we were all required to take typing because we would need it in college! :) i used it my first year and then a computer lab opened on campus and it was all over. love that have little blue. :)

Ann said...

Holli, I just love reading your blog :) I am not very good at regularly reading any blog, but when I open up yours, I always feel happy and encouraged! Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts. You are such a good mama :) And Little Blue is awesome! I really want Ian to experience a typewriter as well :)