Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Soft as a baby's...

I have decided that one of the things I want to start adding to my blog is a newborn, birth or postpartum tip, encouragement, funny story, or resource.

I have been doing a lot of postpartum work these days, and one of the things I often help first time mom's with is learning infant care. If I meet with the family before the baby is born one of the items I always recommend parents have with them at the hospital is Burts Bee's Natural Baby Apricot Oil. Here's what its use is for: put small amounts on your newborn's bottom right after they are born and begin to pass the meconium. This is your baby's first bowel movement, but its not like normal poo, its black and sticky like tar. It clings to your baby's bottom like peanut butter sticks to the couch. BUT if you apply some baby oil to their little tush after each change then it just slides off and it makes a lot less work for those first diaper changes.

On another note while we are talking about newborn poo, if you plan to use cloth diapers, do not start using your fresh white diapers until your baby has finished passing all of the meconium because other wise it will stain your diapers.

*You can use olive oil just the same, but that apricot oil just smells so wonderful.

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