Monday, September 3, 2012

Best Popsicles EVER!

There are three ingredients to making the most amazing popsicles EVER. They are listed above. 

I love popsicles, smoothies, milk shakes... hmmm what else can you make in the blender as a cold afternoon snack? Well I probably like that too. 

So the other day I was making another Naturally Ella recipe and it needed some coconut milk. But then I was left with a good amount of the coconut milk left over. I looked in the fridge and there was about a cup of strawberry yogurt, and Trader Joe's chocolate syrup. Not wanting to waste the coconut milk I threw all three in the blender and then poured the mix into my popsicle maker and into the freezer. There was some left over so the kids and I drank that with a straw. 

If you like to make popsicles the secret to making really smooth one's and not frozen ice one's the to raise the fat content and lower the water content. So if you use coconut milk, whole milk, whipping cream or yogurt you will get a much smoother frozen treat without the chunks of ice. 

Coconut milk is good for nursing moms (the high quality fat will increase your milk supply), underweight babies and kids and sick kids. No one in my house is any of those right now, but we do enjoy a tasty creamy popsicle over one full of ice chunks as a treat once in a while. 


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