Friday, July 27, 2012

We Are Coming Back!

Heading to Missouri! One of our favorite parts of spending the night in a hotel is laying in bed watching television after swimming.

We got to see our good friend April get married to Kurtis!

Play on the Slip n' Slide at Grandma and Grandpas

Eat fudge-pops just before dinner (that's the way Grandmas roll)

do sparklers way after bed time

teach Grandpa how to play paper dolls

ride down the driveway in his Jeep!

discover an old train yard

take train rides through Arkansas

pretending to be Laura Ingalls on her first train ride to the West Prairies

We learned how to flatten coins on the track

waiting for the Engine to smash our coins
Our coins were oh so flat and slippery!

the Conductor ask Marin if she was Married yet and told Owen he wasn't allowed to spit tobacco out the windows

the Brake-man let the kids stand on the Steam Engine just before we left

Then we headed back to the airport and headed home! We are home now, resting, getting ready for Kindergarten, playing and maybe even ready to start some blogging series on traveling and school. Sorry for the silence!

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