Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week One of Summer Camp at Home

Owen loves rock hunting in the creek
 I mentioned this before, I love camp, love it! I wanted to do a few things this Summer that would make our days feel a bit campy. If you didn't go to camp as a kid, or were a counselor at a kids camp here's what makes camp feel like camp; swimming every day, getting to do activities you might not do at home, art--real art not just crafting, playing so hard all day you  need a nap in the afternoon, staying up late, being outside all day long, eating big meals (trick of camps, they feed your kids high calorie foods so they don't look too skinny when you pick them up. When kids play as hard as they do at camp they burn off a lot of calories and then moms freak out when they are given back skinny kids, so kids are allowed to eat things like a fudgesicle with peanut butter on one side and marshmallow fluff on the other), making new friends, being in the woods. I am going to try and do a few things throughout the next few weeks to give us the feeling of camp.  
taking a trip up the creek

what will we find?

packing lunches to eat after a long morning of swimming lessons

evidence of naps

sun prints after a nature walk

visiting our favorite bakery and yes please on the extra frosting

playing in the park way past bed time

discovering the best pancake recipe

eating breakfast outside

more evidence of naps

just trying to finish that one last page before rest time is over

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