Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Solution to short pants

Has anyone ever wondered what the greatest problem is with children's clothing? If you have kids you already know... pants never fit! 

When you buy your child their size pants, even with the elastic adjustable waist band, it's too big. Eventually the child will grow into the pants, but when the waist finally fits the legs are too short!      
Marin had some jeans that were finally fitting her around the middle just right... but then they started to get short. So I found a solution to that little problem, make them even shorter! I added a ruffle and then made a matching shirt and there ya go. The whole outfit cost a whopping $3. The jeans were hand-me-downs, the ruffle was left over fabric (on sale) and the shirt I got at a thrift store (with tags) for $2. So I estimate that the whole thing took about one hour, and cost three dollars.

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