Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Nativity Idea

Each year Todd and I read God With Us, an Advent book. One of the things we love about this book is that along with readings, and art, and poetry, and scripture meditations, each feast date also shares Advent traditions from around the world. One of these is a French tradition that I fell in love with.

Each day of Advent children get to add pieces of straw to the manger, they prepare the manger for the arrival of Jesus. Its a picture of how we should be preparing our hearts for his arrival. So when the kids do kind deeds or their prayers during Advent they get to add straw to the manger.

I worked with a woman from Urban Homesteaders on Etsy who also makes the rings I buy for my little Teething Gnomes.

Anyways the kids have enjoyed adding the straw each day. And they have added a few of their own ideas to the nativity...

Owen dumped out the straw and poured water into the manger...

And he added a leopard to the group awaiting the birth of Christ...

And then a few others joined, I took them outside for a picture :)

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