Sunday, August 21, 2011

You Can

Just when you think you can kick your feet up and read a book...

Life throws a curve ball... or a broken tree your way...

and then a little bit of encouragement comes your way, and you realize, YOU CAN!

Our new college-renters moved in next door on Tuesday and that tree fell on their car on Wednesday. Bummer, right. Poor guys they are probably thinking this is a sign for a bad senior year. After leaving their yard and hearing the story of what happened we came home and the kids watched the utility company cut up the tree and put the wires back up. A few days before I had been fairly discouraged with some stuff in my job, just the things that were not getting accomplished. Between the tree next door putting things in perspective of how bad things could be I guess, and then this little note I found let on the table after Marin had been doing some art, I was feeling a little better. She had a whole bunch of words on a paper but these two got cut out together. YOU CAN.

Little bits of encouragement take a mom a long way.

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