Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where Am I?

You might find us on the porch playing dress up, play-dough, drawing, or reading with friends...

Making homemade pizza's (with cookie cutter crusts)

EATING homemade pizzas

Taking naps...

And more naps

You might find us reading ourselves to sleep in a tent...

Sweet dreams little girl

Having a late breakfast, and then rubbing yogurt in our hair, and all over our face.

Look I cut my bangs!

And trying to empty out the pond that was left for us to clean up, and decide what sort of new wall to have built in place of this one. We are about to undergo our first "project" for our house. Turning an inclosed garage into a real bedroom.

And P.S. I might try to change the Thinking Parents header to say something about Summer... not Spring. I just love that girl Madeline.

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