Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our Things

Every child has their favorite things. This is a picture story of the one's that have been our favorites.

It all starts with Marin's first love, when she was 14 months some friends gave her a Madame Alexander doll. We were grateful, but had no idea of the relationship that would develop.

*this picture was take before "the accident"

She would be named CryingBaby and go just about everywhere

Except for those few months she was carried around in a box and called Baby Jesus, but that was just a few months of her life.

*this picture was taken after "the accident"

THE ACCIDENT of CryingBaby: one day we were out walking, Marin and CB in the stroller. Somehow CB fell out of the moving vehicle and got caught under the wheel! Its was horrible, CB's head got pushed across the sidewalk and was forever scarred. CB now has a scratch from the concrete on her cheek and upper lip.

There would be another "thing" that became friends with CB. MADELINE! Madeline also has lots of books and movies that we love.

*This is before Madeline's accident also

Madeline has gone many places with us too. She got to take a trip to Uncle Willy and Aunt Lizzy's wedding.

*this picture is after her run in with a dog who ripped out half her hair, we don't like to talk about it.

There are the kitchens. Marin loves our kitchens and now Owen also loves them.

And there was the year of the goggles. Marin wore these around her neck, to church, grocery shopping and even to the potty.

There was the singing snow couple. Their batteries never died and we could never put them away with the Christmas decorations. They lived on through the seasons singing "Frosty the Snowman" about 3405982340572984375973401983598749784398730498750948752 times.

Thanks Grandma

But it always come back to one little doll

Who is nursed, and loved

who loves a good time

and is even loved by Owen.

Speaking of Owen he has a few of his own "things" but that's another story.
What are things your kids love.

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Natalie said...

Love this post Holli! I think it's funny because I have toys that I want our daughter to like and David has his that he wants her to like, but she really just does her own thing. She has a favorite dolly, who like CB doesn't have a name - she's just 'Big Baby.' Big Baby is very well cared for. :)