Sunday, February 20, 2011

Boosting the Immune System

I wanted to share this little bit of information I came across a while back. As many of you know we delay our children's vaccinations. We believe in public health and vaccinate them, just at a slower pace than the normal CDC vaccine schedule. This post is not about my personal reasons for this but quickly I will just say that we have decided to do our delayed schedule with our pediatricians blessing. And the reason she has blessed "our" schedule is for two reasons, 1. both babies are exclusively breastfeed and 2. because they are not in day care. If either of those were not present she would not have "blessed" our desire to delay.

OK but when I was doing research on kids and vaccinations, at, I came across this wonderful article he wrote on boosting your child's immune system before they get a vaccination to minimize side effects (also to prevent infectious diseases). So I wanted to share this with you today.

Boosting The Immune System--Dr Sears

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