Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mom's day. I wish I was one of those cool blog sites that had giveaways for things like Mother's Day. But I don't have my act together to do things like that yet. Someday...  yeah right I'm not one of those kinds of have it together people that could ever organize something like that. Either way Here is my firstborn, who made me a mom, in all her glory and weirdness. We took her to the beach yesterday to spend sometime together as the three of us before our new baby arrives. Its weird to look at your oldest who still seems so small, and who you still call "baby" (who reminds us she is not a baby) and realize she will no longer be the smallest person in our family anymore. I just love this kid.

I did want to put a link on to a few other wonderful mother's blogs or writings out there that you all might just enjoy.

I love this essay by Jessica Melissa Griffin over at Image Journals webiste. She writes about her pregnancy and journey of motherhood using one of Margaret Wise Brown's books, The Little Island.

And I am making a link to a new blog I just came across that has one of the most lovely birth stories I have ever read. Kelly Hampton's story of her birth is just so beautiful and wonderful. I think we can all take some tips from the way she prepared to celebrate the birth of her baby too! Speaking of we need to get our birthday cake made for this new baby. There is some debate about the actual kind of cake. Marin wants this Strawberry Shortcake Cake and Todd wants me to make the same cake I made for Marin's birth, Brownie Ice Cream cake. It was a good cake, maybe I'll just make both, I'll be a nursing mom by the time we get around to eating them.

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