Thursday, April 8, 2010

Saddness and Grief

I will write more on this later as I take the time to think about it. A family I have done both pre-birth care for (2007), a few years ago, and then in the Fall (09) I did postpartum care for, and have become good friends with, are grieving a terrible loss.

My friend Jen, who, while I have helped her through a pregnancy and a post-birth time in her life, would like to make it clear that she has been more of a mentor to me. She is a long time, attachment parenting mother (her oldest being 9 years old) who has given me much encouragement. She is also the founder of our local Attachment Parenting group that has over a hundred members. Jen and her five children are grieving the loss of her husband and their father, Clint. Clint died last Tuesday on Passover in his home surrounded by his family and knowing that he was loved deeply. Clint was diagnosed over a year ago with melanoma cancer and told he had much less time than what he fought for. Jen and kids I am so sorry for your loss, I know it is deep.

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