Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bath Toys

I bought this little red kitchen collander about 2 years ago to put in our bath tub as a toy strainer. I wanted to share this fun little idea with you all because it cuter than those mesh bags that hang in the shower, and it collects a lot less mold. The fabric toy tub bags take a long time to dry because they are, well fabric. And if you have tile as the fabric and toys dry and build up mold so will your tile grout. Now my version is not mold free, but I have not washed mine in about 2 years and just noticed a little mold on the bottom (the dark spots you see on the rim is the beginning of rust, so that might be another issue to deal with, but had I chosed a stainless steel it would not be a problem at all).

To add one more comment we do not have a kids bathroom, we all share the bathroom, so its nice to have my little red collander in the corner of the bathroom or tub and see it more as a decoration rather then having our bathroom taken over by kid stuff. I mean having her steal my lip gloss, take all the hair ties, and always join me when I shower is enough kid over-crowding my bathroom time.
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