Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Feminists for Life

I wanted to feature the organization Feminists for Life. I just spent some time reading though their site and find it very helpful and full of resources. Their slogan is "Women deserve better than abortion" I think that will give you an idea as to what they are all about. I have been really struggling with the mainstream pro-life voters because it appears (while I know most of them do not believe this) that they get so obsessed with "pro-life or bust" that they forget or ignore the living people (like fighting for health care). I mentioned all of this in my previous post. Either way it was refreshing to come across a group of women who are against abortion but for women. And believing that no woman should have to go through the pain and grief of choosing an abortion. To put it another way I am also frustrated with the pro-choice-ers who sometimes seem to want abortion more than caring what actually happends to the woman going through the abortion. I commend McCain for saying that life begins at conception in his interview with pastor Rick Warren, and am dissapointed with Obama for not having an answer. If you are going to run for president you need to develop some type of an answer as to what you believe about human life. This does not change my belief that Obama is still a good choice for president but I would like him to get some balls on this issue.

Also guess who has been a member of FFL for almost 3 years... Sarah Palin. Yep, its on the site.

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