Sunday, September 14, 2008

Children's Music

Finding good children's music can be quite the challenge, as much of it is not GOOD music. It might have run rhymes and silly-ness that children love, but the actual sound of the music is often, well... bad. After you listen to some of the stuff out there you may become discouraged. BUT have no fear there IS good music out there for kids that parents might like too. Finding good music was a top priority in our house so here is what we have discovered thus far (our list is not extensive, as we still just make our kid listen to what we like seeing as we are the one's who turn on the ipod):

Elizabeth Mitchell: You Are My Little Bird (she has other but this is our fav.)
Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell: Catch the Moon
For the Kids
For the Kids too!
For the Kids three
The Innocence Mission: Now the day is over
Putumayo World Music for kids
Big Smith: Hillbilly Music for Kids

My daughter is also a fan of: Feist, Hem, Over the Rhine, Matisyahu and They Might Be Giants. These all seem to be fun to listen to also.

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