Thursday, May 1, 2008

Why Thoughtful Parenting

I am starting a blog that will hopefully become a resource to parents. There are many resources out there, so why start one myself. Well it seems that all those wonderful resources are at different locations. An example, one site might talk about cloth diapering, while you would have to visit another to read about circumcision. One site may discuss the importance of reading to your children, while another gives you ideas of how to interact with books. And none of these sites discuss spirituality in parenting, and they aren't designed to, and that's fine. I am going to put many different topics on this blog hoping to make it a more holistic parenting arena. Please feel free to pass this around to your friends as you see topics you think they may become interested in.

Who am I?
Holli, mom (to Marin 10/06), wife (to Todd), sister, daughter, doula (birth attendant), birth advocate, child advocate, family advocate, nanny, degree in family studies and human development, and friend.

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